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AF Repairing ®

“AF Repairing ™”, is a revolutionary surgical procedure to repair varicose veins on the lower limbs by eliminating varicose dilations during surgery.

Specific alterations in veins are detected by means of ultrasound and information technology, and in this way, the correction of venous circulation can then be planned. Contrary to traditional procedures which remove or destroy main veins, “AF Repairing™” corrects and repairs varicose veins by means of small titanium devices which perform the function of valves placed outside veins, thus allowing optimal functional and aesthetic results without leaving marks or scars.

In addition, since this advanced technique does not remove main veins such as the great saphenous vein, it allows for its future use in coronary or peripheral arteries by-pass as in the case of diabetic patients or smokers who suffer from artery obstruction.


  It repairs veins.

  It is esthetic.

  It doesn’t leave scars or marks.

  It is painless.

  It is of instant recovery.

  It is approved and patented in the U.S.A. and Argentina.

  It can be applied on obese and diabetic patients and on those with hematological illnesses or clot problems.

  It preserves the main veins.

Dr. Alejandro Farmache

Dr. Alejandro Farmache is a renowned Argentine Surgeon specialized in Phlebology, a branch of vascular surgery devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases.

He is the author of a surgical procedure for the treatment of varicose veins known as “AF Repairing ™”, patented in Argentina and the US, awarded class II by the FDA and presented in the 3rd International Congress of Phlebology and Lymphology at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina Santa María de los Buenos Aires, on September 1st 2006, widely attended by national and foreign specialists.

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